Who are Mystery Shoppers

Each year, Confero conducts thousands of mystery shop visits across North America. During such visits, mystery shoppers pose as average customers and provide feedback on their experiences. Clients use this feedback to make improvements in sales and service and to reward employees for jobs well done.

Confero’s client base is diverse, including banks, automotive services, quick and full service restaurants and retail stores.

Confero's mystery shopper base is also diverse. Mystery shoppers are independent contractors, most of who are employed full-time elsewhere in fields ranging from accounting to zoology.

Confero mystery shoppers report on observable behaviors and conditions. Because they remain anonymous, they provide very candid feedback.
They are not employees of Confero and are not obligated to accept Confero shopping assignments. This leads to willing participation and reduced bias.

Confero strives to provide mystery shoppers with enough information to perform a specific mystery shop without providing so much information that they lose their “average customer” perspective.

Mystery shoppers apply to Confero via a shopper profile form. Mystery shoppers are asked a series of questions to determine their background and capability to report fairly. Their ability to communicate via surveys is assessed prior to acceptance by Confero to be a mystery shopper.

Confero continually recruits mystery shoppers to replace those lost to natural attrition, bias or poor performance in reporting on their visits. To recruit new mystery shoppers, Confero seeks referrals from its experienced mystery shoppers. Confero also recruits just as any company would.

I like mystery shopping for Confero for several reasons. The instructions of how to complete the mystery shop are very detailed and specific and tell me exactly what I need to know. The mystery shops do not ask me to do things which are "unreasonable" and would lead employees to be able to spot me as a mystery shopper. The form is easy to complete. The payment for the mystery shops is very fair and competitive compared to other mystery shopping companies and to what the shop entails. The staff at Confero has always been very helpful and friendly. I receive feedback on my shop completion very quickly.