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Tips for Writing Comments and Narratives in Mystery Shopping Reports

Feb 20, 2015 by Confero Inc.

You have finished your mystery shop, have your notes and are ready to write your report. How much detail should you include? Was that an important detail or not? 

Here are some tips to help you when you fill out your next report. 


We are Secure!

Jan 23, 2015 by Confero Inc.

We are pleased announce we have a new level of online security for website and our Sassie-based Compass mystery shopping reporting system.


Holiday Humor

Dec 17, 2014 by Confero Inc.

With the holiday season upon us, we thought we would share some shopper funnies that we have encountered over the years.

Technology is great, but it doesn't always catch the misspellings for some unintended mistakes!



Confero Warns of Fraudulent Email Scam – Thomas Keane

Dec 16, 2014 by Confero Inc.

A scam was uncovered recently which offers a fake mystery shop assignment and delivery of a fraudulent check as “payment” before the shop.  The communication encourages the recipient to cash or deposit a fraudulent cashier’s check at their own bank before completing a shop assignment at a drug store.


Mystery Shopping Photography 101!

Nov 17, 2014 by Confero Inc.

Tips for getting the perfect shot while mystery shopping! 


What is the Confero Shopper Rating System?

Oct 25, 2014 by Confero Inc.

Each time you complete a shop, you receive a shopper rating, also referred to as a “grade.” Ratings are between 1 and 10, 10 being the highest. All Confero shoppers begin with a rating of 5. 


Mystery Shoppers Under Age 30 Needed for Special Programs

Sep 25, 2014 by Confero Inc.

 If you are age 21-30, our convenience store,grocery store, restaurant, college campus and movie theater clients need you to ensure that:

  1. Employees are not selling alcohol or tobacco products to minors
  2. Customers under age 30 are served as well as other customer groups.

Confero has projects available in these cities for shoppers under 30. 


How to Take a Mystery Shopper Test!

Sep 24, 2014 by Confero Inc.

Many of our shops now require mystery shoppers to take a quick and easy test! Don’t worry, tests are open book! The test is required by our clients so they are assured all mystery shoppers understand each client's unique requirements. These test instructions can be used for any of the test within your shop log.  

Follow these steps to access and take a test:


Confero Warns about Recent Email Scam:  Belinda Ramos and N. William Brock

Sep 24, 2014 by Confero Inc.


Confero Warns about Fake Email, Fake Schedulers Amelie Armstead Miyuki Jefferson

Sep 08, 2014 by Confero Inc.

An email address at has been spoofed by an outsider who is sending email messages out with the subject "Job Opportunity Opens". The message appears to have been sent from info@ our domain address. This message was not sent by Confero and was not authorized by Confero to be sent on its behalf. If there is a link in the email message, please do not click on it. Confero posts jobs on it's mystery shopping job board to those who have submitted a profile for consideration for mystery shopping. Mystery shoppers are notified of mystery shopping projects when they become available. The subject "Job Opprtunity Opens" is never used. A recipient of this spoofed email message kindly sent us a copy of the contents and the