Telephone Mystery Shopping

Telephone Mystery Shopping evaluates call centers or individual locations.

Our services are available as recorded phone calls or non-recorded. With Recorded Phone Surveys, you can hear what your employees are saying to the customer. Our shoppers use the same scenario every time, which gives every call center employee equal footing from which to start.

How does it work?

A shopper calls a toll-free number, which automatically dials the correct location. The call is recorded and is instantly available for listening as part of a standard Confero telephone shop. You can immediately listen to the entire phone call and hear how well your employees are handling each phone call.

Eliminate hours of “listening in” to your call center

Call center management may record hundreds of hours of calls. However, to hear how the same question is handled by multiple associates, management would have to listen to hours of audio to find the same question posed to multiple associates. Using Confero’s telephone shopping services allows comparison of performance on the same customer scenarios, allowing clients to see who needs training, who is saying what and who is doing a great job.

Zero in on inconsistencies

Are the associates telling the customers the same information? The information retained from training varies from associate to associate working in the call center. Recorded Phone Surveys can help with this issue. You can hear exactly who needs training and who is doing a great job.

Identify missed sales opportunities

Are the associates mentioning additional products? Overcoming objections? Attempting to close the sale?

Hear the caller’s and the employee’s comments/suggestions in their own voices

Audio files are online for 60 days, right on the online report. You can listen to the file for up to 60 days, or even save it to your own computer.

Robust online analysis reports

In addition to the audit recording, callers will answer a series of questions on the online shopper survey. The answers to these questions allow for scoring to be applied. That scoring allows for comparisons of performance among associates, locations, departments, managers and over time.

Secure online data access alongside your mystery shop data.

You may even choose to access data online side-by-side with your other Confero data from mystery shops, outbound customer satisfaction surveys, and employee satisfaction surveys.

For states requiring two-party consent for recordings, we can help you navigate the requirements to ensure your program is conducted appropriately.