Mystery Shopping & Mystery Shoppers

Mystery shopping measures the customer experience at the front line of service.

The goal is to compare your operational performance against the standards you have set for your business. This comparison will highlight sales, profit and service opportunities for your business

What can mystery shopping do for your business?

  • Spot small problems before they become big ones
  • Direct your field managers to locations which require extra help
  • Link incentives to front line performance
  • Expose training and operational weaknesses
  • Identify competitive opportunities
  • Increase accountability for customer service throughout the organization

What can mystery shopping measure?

  • Staff friendless, courtesy, greetings
  • Point of Purchase material availability and placement
  • Interior and exterior appearance of the unit
  • Product/service selection and availability
  • Selling skills, including suggestive selling
  • Wait and service transaction times
  • Overall quality of product, food or service
  • Condition of restrooms
  • Customer thank you, friendly send off, invitation to return
  • Overall customer experience

Why Confero?

  • Experience in diverse industries
  • Proven history of long-term satisfied clients
  • Unsurpassed quality assurance process
  • Technology and innovation, 24/7 online reporting
  • Incentive programs and prize fulfillment services
  • Quality shopper selection and relationships
  • Services customized to meet your needs
  • Dedicated Client Services Manager for every client program
  • Stable leadership

We are in a very competitive business and depend on the mystery shop reports to keep customer service top-of-mind with our employees. Confero has been providing our mystery shopping program since 1999 and we appreciate them as a business partner.

--Regional Grocery Company