Healthcare, Medical Practices, Doctor Office Mystery Shoppers

Confero mystery shoppers visit your medical practice, outpatient facility or hospital to interact with employees as typical patients normally would.

Shopper selection may include a requirement for the shopper to have specific private health insurance coverage, government-sponsored coverage, Medicare or present themselves as a cash patient. With sufficient lead time, requests for shoppers meeting highly specialized requirements may be accommodated. For example, shoppers entering outpatient facilities for day procedures may be recruited to mystery shop and report on the process.

Announced audits are also available to confirm procedures compliance and availablity of services such as:

  • Digital media broadcasts are playing
  • Wi-fi access is working
  • Printed materials are available

Criteria for a typical medical practice mystery shop visit:

  • Appointment setting process: rings to answer, time to reach reception, courtesy
  • Staff Appearance: uniforms, name tags
  • Staff procedures: patient greeting, check in, hand washing, glove usage, HIPAA/privacy, courtesy
  • Patient Registration Process
  • Facility appearance and cleanliness
  • Promotional materials
  • Waiting area appearance and comfort
  • Communication of diagnosis and follow up requirements
  • Staff Attentiveness and Compassion
  • Check out/cash out procedures

Additional services within the practice or facility may also be mystery shopped, including:

  • Food service providers
  • Banks/Credit /Unions
  • Gift and flower shops
  • Pharmacies or medical device providers